Randonnée montagne
Ski de randonnée

Suggested itineraries

ALPINISM: Mont Clapier - Cime Chamineye - Cime Lusière - Bégo - Devil's Top
RANDONNEE: Crossing on Nice refuge, on refuge of wonders - GR52 - lakes and peaks of the Agnel
SKI: Fontanalbe Drop - Bicknell Peak - No Fools - Grand Capelet - Charnassière Collar
Pas de la Fous et lac de la Lusière


Refuge des Merveilles by the Baisse de Valmasque, 4 hours

Refuge of Fontanalbe by the Fontanalbe Drop, 4 hours

Refuge de Nice by the Baisse du Basto (GR 52), about 4 hours

Refuge of Nice by Pas de la Fous, 4 hours

Refuge Pagari by Collet Charnassère and Pas de l'Agnel, 5 hours, alpine hike

Lake Agnel by the valley of Valmasque or by the Collet Charnassère

Col du Sabion and downhill on Trinita (Italy) 7 to 8 hours

Summit of the Bego by the Baisse of Valmasque, and descent on the refuge of Merveilles, 5 hours

Summit of the Clapier by Pas de la Fous and the Asquasciati corridor, alpine hike.


Lusière, East ridge


Clapier, East Ridge


Lake fishing is open every day except Tuesdays and Fridays, from the first Saturday of July to the third Sunday of September.

Attention, you need a fishing license from the company of Tende, to take in the Valley; Possibility of permit to the day.

Trout is waiting for you.

arrivée au refuge

Nordic Skiing


Grand Capelet

Pas de la Fous and Clapier

Traverse to the Nice and Merveilles mountain huts

Be careful, the valley of Valmasque can prove very dangerous in winter.